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Wood and plastic, the two most common types of swing sets, each has its own set of pros and cons. If you're in a dilemma on which of these two is appropriate for your home and kids, read on and find a guide on the different characteristics that each of them has to offer.

plastic swing sets for kids

Benefits and Disadvantages

* Requires low maintenance

Since plastics are durable, a plastic swing set requires little or no maintenance even after a lot of years. Also, cleaning a plastic swing set is a lot easier. You can just use a hose with water and the toy set will be instantly cleaned.

* Usually costs cheaper

The cost is one factor which makes a plastic set ahead of the other types. Since the material is cheap, the cost of the toy set also tends to be more affordable than wooden and metal sets.

* Safety is guaranteed

While wooden sets may cause small injuries to children when they slip off or something, plastic sets prevent dangers because of their material.

On the other hand, here are some of the disadvantages.

* Not visually appealing for kids

Plastic sets may look colorful; however, they do not usually attract children. The colors also tend to fade during long hours of exposure to sunlight.

* Limited activity options

One thing about plastic sets that usually disappoints buyers is that there are a very limited number of activities that can be done with it. The most common plastic sets offer only a slide, a play house and a swing.

Benefits and Disadvantages

A wooden swing set may look as fragile as an old chair; however, it offers some of the most amazing features that no other swing set could give you.

* Gives a scenic and more natural look for your backyard

Wooden sets are the best ones if you are looking for an outdoor toy that would blend in with your backyard.

* Swings and other parts can be customized

Wooden swing sets can be described as the whole playground rolled into one. If your kids like some monkey bars or trapeze, the wooden set could easily provide them for you. Even zip lines are possible with the wooden set.

* Provides an easier repair process

If a certain part of the wooden set is damaged, you can easily detach that part, replace it with a new one, and your toy set is as good as new. A wooden swing set is really a toy that would last a long time.

As with any other products, especially toys, for that matter, wooden swing sets can also have some disadvantages.

* A wooden set is usually an attractive habitat for pests.

Wood is extremely prone to pests such as wasps and termites, which frequently pose danger to the longevity of the play set


* Installation may be tricky.

DIY wooden play sets often come in packages that require you to classify and assemble a number of toy parts. This may be difficult, especially if you don't have all the time in the world to rummage through wooden toy parts.

Plastic Swing Sets